Letter from the CEO


TDC has more than 8.5 million customer relationships in Denmark alone. That is like saying every Dane – from newborn babies to senior citizens – is a TDC customer 1.6 times. We supply a service that enables Danes to communicate with their loved ones, work, be entertained and gain knowledge. And although not all Danes are TDC customers, we have a great influence on daily life for almost all Danes.

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The CR Board

The CR Board is responsible for developing and implementing TDC's overall Corporate Responsibility strategy in line with TDC’s policy in the area at any given time. This applies across the entire TDC Group.

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Delimitation and methods

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The CR overview

In 2010, TDC’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors adopted a new policy and strategy for Corporate Responsibility, which is based on the Group’s overall targets, expectations from customers, employees and other stakeholders, and our commitments to the UN Global Compact.

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