Customer security and confidence

Until the end of 2009, TDC was subject to declining customer satisfaction. But since the TAK programme was introduced, the tide has begun to turn.

TAK stands for Tag Ansvar for Kunden (Take Responsibility for the Customer) and over the past 18 months, it has left its mark on TDC’s entire organisation. It works – and it’s needed.

What customers think
When we asked the Danish population to name TDC's greatest challenge in relation to being perceived as a socially responsible and sustainable company, the first point made was how we treat our customers. Many people also indicated that how we handled their security when they were using our media and technologies was another major challenge.

Ambitious targets
As shown in these articles, we work hard to engage in dialogue with our customers and protect their security on a day-to-day basis. And now we have defined firm targets for this area. For example, we will work more to maintain our dialogue with customers and the population via social media, and will cooperate with selected groups on special products to ensure that our customers perceive TDC as ‘the safe choice’.

Til top

Social media team

TDC engages in dialogue with customers where they are – also on the net. Our social media team is therefore in daily dialogue with customers and Danes on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and various other debate forums.