Digital Denmark

The massive roll-out of broadband and digital solutions in Denmark in several waves has attracted great international recognition. This recognition is based largely on TDC's widespread roll-out of both its landline and mobile networks.

As Denmark's leading provider of IT and telecoms solutions, we therefore also feel it is a natural extension of our core business to engage competences and know-how in developing Denmark as a pioneer of digital technology.

Infrastructure of the future
Over the next 10 years, TDC will therefore invest DKK 25bn in the Danish IT and tele-infrastructure while also focusing on IT at state schools and rolling out telemedicine and other welfare services. We believe these advances are required for maintaining and developing the high level of welfare we Danes should be proud to have.

Investing in digitalisation is therefore a long-term solution for the increasing expectations and the financial climate we are all facing. TDC is simply putting its words into action.

Til top

Did you know that…

As far back as in 2005, TDC ensured that 98 pct of all households in Denmark had access to broadband. Thanks to this widespread broadband roll-out, Denmark easily holds its own in an international setting.

Mobile broadband

81.2 pct of Danes can enjoy speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s via TDC mobile broadband from home.