Employee health and diversity

We are proud of our efforts to create a diverse workplace with room for everyone.

For many years, TDC has worked in depth on improving employee working conditions irrespective of culture, gender, age and sexual orientation. We are therefore equally proud of our efforts to create a safe and healthy workplace with happy, healthy employees.

Results like this don’t just land in your lap. We are therefore setting new targets to maintain our continuous dialogue with employees on their wellbeing, while listening to our stakeholders and their expectations concerning TDC as a workplace.

Employees want a responsible workplace
In 2010, a survey we conducted revealed what our employees think TDC should do to be a socially responsible and sustainable workplace. The survey showed that 75 pct of our employees thought it was very important to work for a company that conducts itself with propriety in all contexts, not least in relation to its employees.

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