Environment and climate

With over 8.5 million customer relationships in Denmark alone, we are bound to have an impact on the environment in one way or another. The majority of emissions produced by TDC originate when customers use our products and services.

Data passes between servers, new underground cables are laid and call centre employees are ready to help. And all the time, our 10,423 employees run the Group from the offices, shops and at customers’ homes to create the best experience – on the telephone but also online and on TV. That requires energy and resources. And that emits CO2.

TDC takes responsibility for the environment
Environmental concerns are a natural part of our activities. For example, we focus clearly on energy efficiency and waste management, and are aware of how we use energy every day. We have therefore passed an environmental policy that covers all our subsidiaries. The core of this is our environmental management system, which gives us a systematic picture of the most important energy issues, which are the essence of our annual environmental targets. That gives us the basis for continuously rationalising and improving our environmental footprint. Read more about our environmental accounting 2010

Concrete climate targets
In 2008, TDC passed its Climate Action Plan 2014, which was devised to reduce the Group’s annual CO2 emissions by 5 pct before 2014 in specific energy reductions. We are already beating the targets, and since passing the Climate Action Plan, we have reduced emissions by 20.3 pct mainly through energy savings in our network and buildings, by using video- and teleconferencing equipment and by improving our driving habits. In 2011, we will therefore be considering whether to revise the targets. Read more about the major initiatives

Little acorns
It is important that our employees are aware of energy efficiency and consider the environment on a daily basis. TDC was one of the first companies in Denmark to introduce energy-saving questions in its workplace assessment questionnaire. This ensures that our employees make a targeted effort for the environment. Read more on daily initiatives

Til top

Music benefits the environment

In 2010, TDC and YouSee Play rounded 250 million downloads. If these tracks had been produced as CDs that would be over 20,000 tonnes of CO2.

Carbon Disclosure Project

TDC is part of a Carbon Disclosure Project. In 2010, we improved our score to 75 points and were rated number 9 in Denmark and 26 in the Nordic region.