Letter from the CEO

TDC has more than 8.5 million customer relationships in Denmark alone. That is like saying every Dane – from newborn babies to senior citizens – is a TDC customer 1.6 times. We supply a service that enables Danes to communicate with their loved ones, work, be entertained and gain knowledge. And although not all Danes are TDC customers, we have a significant influence on daily life for almost all Danes.

That is why we concentrate on forming and developing Danish society. We like to listen and understand what our customers, employees and other stakeholders think of us.

We have taken our first step and in 2009 joined the UN Global Compact – a set of international principles that obligate us to work to improve human rights, labour rights, environmental and climate impact, and fight corruption.

However, to improve our understanding of what we can do to live up to our commitments as a pillar of society, in 2010 we asked the Danish population, customers, employees and others who have an opinion about TDC to name TDC's greatest challenge in its work as a socially responsible and sustainable company.

Based on the challenges our stakeholders identified, we have chosen five focus areas in which to change our and your perception of TDC’s efforts.

The five focus areas are:

  • Digital Denmark
  • Customer security and confidence
  • Employee health and diversity
  • Climate and environment
  • Social partnerships

Not surprisingly, consideration for customers and employees are the areas mentioned most frequently, but how we handle the environment and our efforts as a provider of secure digital solutions are also areas many people bear in mind.

Over the past 18 months, we have therefore also focused intensely on being improving our dialogue and contact with customers, and have worked extremely hard to create a better workplace with greater diversity, enhanced job satisfaction and less absence due to illness. I am proud to say that in all areas we have seen major improvements, but we are also very aware that this journey has only just begun.

As Denmark’s largest IT company, we can also see plenty of scope for the digitalisation of Denmark. The opportunities for helping our senior citizens and people with illnesses, educating our children and youngsters better, and reducing the negative impact on our climate are obvious contributions to society that TDC supports and develops.

We are also aware of our own impact on the climate and environment. We have focused on these initiatives over the past decade but have intensified this work in recent years. And it is with great pride that I can say that we have managed to reduce our own CO2 emissions by more than 20.3 pct since implementing our Climate Action Plan 2014.

We have also been able to see how our competences are extremely useful when the ground quite literally disappears from under the feet of an entire society. That was only too clear when TDC employees Bjarne Bachmann and Martin Skafte spent three weeks in Haiti helping the local Red Cross to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. This was part of our partnership with the Danish Red Cross, which involves TDC making employees available and paying their salary while the Red Cross covers their travel, board and lodgings. TDC gained invaluable experience for the company, and the earthquake victims on Haiti appreciated the help that would otherwise have been expensive.

In this year’s Corporate Responsibility report, you can read more about our work in all five focus areas, and can see our progress and challenges. I would like to encourage you to read the whole report and contact us if you have any questions or comments about our work.

Happy reading.

Henrik Poulsen, CEO

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