Delimitation and methods for the CR Report

The report was prepared in compliance with the guidelines for G3 sustainability reports described in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). G3 is a voluntary standard for sustainability reports that provides the opportunity for reporting at levels A, B or C, and the opportunity for external verification. TDC has chosen to report on all 88 indicators at level B. TDC has chosen self-assessment.

TDC's reporting of social responsibility is based on a management decision and involves several TDC departments giving input and developing and reporting on TDC's Corporate Responsibility. The reporting is based on TDC's Corporate Responsibility strategy, and this is reflected in the choice of relevant reporting indicators.

The indicators have been chosen based on screening with the involvement of several TDC departments, including Environmental Affairs, Sourcing, HR and Public Affairs. The screening is carried out as an assessment of importance based on scores from 1 to 5, where 1 is ‘not important’ and 5 is ‘vital’. In this context, not important means without/very little relevance to TDC's business activities and stakeholders, while vital means business-critical/of high relevance to TDC's stakeholders. External stakeholders are not directly involved but are involved in assessing importance in the individual departments. Today, as TDC operates only in the Nordic market, some of the globalisation issues are seen as less relevant for the company. This also has an impact on the assessment of relevance of reporting indicators. However, TDC is aware of the company’s global impact in relation to TDC’s supply chain, which is also reflected in our CR targets in the CR Report.

TDC has chosen to give more weight to a practical approach to reporting rather than to completeness. This is reflected, for instance, in partial reporting on a range of indicators, and in partial reporting on the sustainability principles for a range of indicators.

The Report covers the 2010 calendar year and is published once a year in February with the company’s Annual Report.

The Report covers the parent company and the Danish and Nordic subsidiaries, which were 100% owned by TDC throughout 2010. It includes TDC Sweden, TDC Norway, TDC Finland, YouSee, NetDesign, Dansk Kabel TV, Telmore, Fullrate and A-plus.

TDC has chosen a decentralised approach to HR. This is out of respect for the individual cultures at the subsidiaries and means that only the reporting for TDC Danmark and YouSee is complete. Reporting for the other Danish subsidiaries on the LA1-LA14 result indicators is only partially complete. Reports are not available on the Nordic subsidiaries concerning the field of HR. The companies are listed in TDC's Annual Report in the TDC Group section. In 2011, TDC will strive to compile more complete reporting for the subsidiaries.

The CR Report covers various subjects: Digital Denmark, customer security and confidence, the climate and environment, employee health and diversity and social partnerships. These subjects have been chosen in accordance with the main targets for TDC’s CR strategy.

The index on the front page of the CR Report’s online section lists TDC's CR reporting in line with the G3 guidelines.

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