The CR Board

In connection with developing the Group Corporate Responsibility strategy, TDC has founded a Corporate Responsibility Board.

Areas of responsibility
The CR Board is responsible for developing and implementing TDC's overall Corporate Responsibility strategy in line with TDC’s policy in the area at any given time. This applies across the entire TDC Group.

The CR Board is also responsible for

  • Reporting and following up on initiated projects
  • Quarterly reporting to the Corporate Management Team on select KPIs in TDC's CR strategy
  • Half-yearly reporting to the Board of Directors on select KPIs in TDC's CR strategy
  • Reporting on TDC's efforts concerning the UN Global Compact
  • Budgeting of TDC's CR resources
  • Annual reporting on section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act and the preparation of an annual CR Report

The CR Board comprises one member of TDC’s Corporate Management Team, the Head of Communications, the Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Executive Vice President, Marketing, TDC Consumer, and Head of Public Accounts, TDC Business. The person responsible for CR at TDC is the secretary of the CR Board.

The CR Board meets a minimum of once a quarter or as the need arises. In addition to the CR Board members and secretary, the meetings are attended by those responsible for the various projects under the overall strategy.

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