Social partnerships

For some years, TDC has worked on developing partnerships across NGOs and with both public-sector and private business partners.

We believe that both we and our partners benefit more if we invest more than just money in the cooperation. Consequently, we join forces mainly with NGOs when we can see that our resources can also benefit our partners.

The Danish Red Cross
The most integrated example of this is our partnership with the Danish Red Cross, which TDC provides with employees, facilities and know-how. We do this because the Danish Red Cross has one of the three global IT and teleservices centres run by the international Red Cross.

As Denmark’s largest IT and telecoms company, we have know-how, resources and facilities that the Danish Red Cross finds useful. TDC engineers help to equip an Emergency Response Unit that can provide assistance during disasters, and our employees are on hand when emergency aid needs packing up or infrastructures must be rebuilt. TDC also provides the Danish Red Cross with call centres and storage facilities.

The Danish Cancer Society
TDC has worked with the Danish Cancer Society for years on an information campaign on sun protection to reduce incidences of skin cancer. We have also worked on revealing the dangers of mobile radiation in the COSMOS project, which collects information across national borders on the long-term effects of mobile radiation.

Employees who volunteer
In 2011, TDC will develop its Employee Volunteering programme called ‘Tidsbanken’. This will be accomplished in alliance with our existing partners, the Danish Red Cross and the Danish Cancer Society. Other NGOs will also be invited to provide us with input on how to establish the best possible scheme – one that adds value for TDC's volunteer employees and meets the NGO’s needs in the best possible way.

Employees want responsibility
In 2010, we conducted a survey on employee perceptions of TDC as a responsible and sustainable company. The survey revealed that 75 pct of the employees rate TDC conducting itself with propriety as being of great importance. This major support for TDC’s efforts to be a socially responsible and sustainable company prompted us to launch an Employee fund in 2011 to which employees can nominate worthy projects for support, and help select individual projects in which TDC can become involved. All this work brings TDC's social responsibility closer to our employees while giving them even more co-ownership of this area.

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