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Business description


TDC operates in the following five business divisions (which are also its financial reporting segments):

  • Consumer: Consumer is the leading supplier of telecommunications and TVoIP solutions in the residential market in Denmark. Consumer provides landline and mobility services (including subscription and prepaid voice services, mobile broadband and content) and bundled multi-play products and landline mobile convergent products to residential and SoHo customers in Denmark. Consumer operates across the market segments, from no-frills to premium, with the brands TDC, Telmore, Fullrate and M1.
  • TDC Business: TDC Business has a market-leading position in the Danish business market and provides telecommunications solutions for small, medium-sized and large enterprises as well as the public sector in Denmark. Its activities include broadband solutions, landline telephony, mobility services, convergence products (combined landline and mobile telephony), fibre access, terminal equipment, including systems integration services and leased lines.
  • TDC Nordic: TDC Nordic provides primarily telecommunications solutions for businesses in the Nordic region outside Denmark. Its products include landline telephony, IP-VPN and internet access on its pan-Nordic network. In the mobile market, TDC Nordic operates as an MVNO or service provider pursuant to agreements with local mobile network operators. TDC Nordic also offers communication integration services and, through TDC Hosting, provides hosting solutions and information technology outsourcing throughout the Nordic region. TDC Nordic and TDC Business benefit from sharing customer relationships, products and services.
  • Operations & Wholesale: Operations & Wholesale is responsible for all of TDC's Danish activities regarding landline and mobile networks, operations, infrastructure, information technology and wholesale (excluding those operated by YouSee). Operations supports TDC's other business divisions by operating support and back-office functions, managing a number of critical support functions in the organisation (such as information technology, supply chain and procurement, installation and network) and drives operational change in the Group. Wholesale, as a commercial unit, provides landline telephony, mobility services, internet and network services for other operators, service providers and brand partners, as well as national and international traffic and roaming for other network operators.
  • YouSee: YouSee is the leading Danish cable TV provider in terms of market share, offering its customers TV, broadband and telephony services to individual households and organised customers, such as antenna and housing associations, in Denmark.
TDC Group revenue breakdown by business division

All revenue shares are calculated as each business line's share of the total revenue in the TDC Group excluding eliminations

  • YouSee
  • Operations & Wholesale
  • TDC Nordic
  • TDC Business
  • Consumer

Domestic market shares

In the residential market, through its five-strong differentiated brands covering key segments of the Danish market, TDC had a market-leading position in landline telephony, mobile telephony, landline broadband and pay-TV at year-end 2010. TDC also held a leading 63% share of the triple-play market.


In the business market, TDC was number one measured in terms of market share in all market segments from landline telephony and landline broadband to mobile broadband and mobile telephony at year-end 2010.


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